would you study again?

@jolope (987)
February 27, 2011 9:10am CST
i've been a graduate for quite a while and sometimes i just find myself wanting to go to school again. it could be because of my classmates or maybe just the allowance (since im not supposed to ask from my parents anymore..grrrr) but whatever the reason is, i do feel like if i'd be given the option to go back to school, i would. and this time id do it with more enthusiasm and graduate with honors. education is such a treasure that i feel sorry i didnt cherish that much back then.. also, i want to graduate from a reputable school (sadly my school was ah, you know. :P). please share your thoughts on this.. would you like to study again?? :)
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@ajamiro (160)
• Philippines
2 Mar 11
I would like to go to school again if there were sponsors of course. I love to study again but I can't afford it. My salary from work can't still afford for the tutition fees right now. The fact that I want to go to school again is because of not all jobs right now are looking into the course I have studied back in college, thats why.
• Philippines
1 Mar 11
I would definitely study again. I would take a master's degree in Clinical Psychology if I have a choice and even go on doctorate if given the chance. My only issue is that I don't have money.
@Brook909 (110)
28 Feb 11
whatever the reason is,i think it's be better for you to go back to a reputable college.but i think to study is a everyday work for everyone,we may not spend most of our lifetime in school,it's too boring for me.
@gloryacam (5540)
• Philippines
28 Feb 11
Yes, I would like to study again. And the reason is I'd like to better my self. Also, I would like to to other fields of study. If time and resources permit, I would like to study again.
• United States
28 Feb 11
I would study again. Although I graduated three years ago with a bachelors degree, I would like to pursue my career and study on masters. I will be starting this March on my program, and I know this will help me in advancing my career once I finish school after a year and a half hopefully.