What is the best diet for you?

February 27, 2011 10:31am CST
Diet or dieting has different meaning to different people. It could be a change of lifestyle, pattern of eating etc. What is the effective way for you to lose weight? Anyone who have tried the 'after 6 diet' or the '3 day plan diet'? How about drinking laxative tea? or diet pills?
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@sexyice (873)
• Latvia
27 Feb 11
don't drink diet pills, because after you will be big fat pig :D Better need eat more vegetables and fruits, drink water and don't eat sweets and cakes. When i need little diet i one week take without my foodmenu cakes, sweets, i eat more rice and prunes, because prunes clean your organism... Yes, and 3 years before I was 85kg, after year my weigh was 65kg and now 55 - 57 kg ;) I just eat more vegetables and fruits!!!
@TrvlArrngr (4045)
• United States
27 Feb 11
I have restrict my calorie intake, increase activity, and drink a lot of water in order to get any type of weightloss. It is a constant struggle for me.
@AnnaDine (92)
• Denmark
27 Feb 11
I heard that to drink one liter of water before every single meal, it can help you weight losing. It helps you to not eat a lot, and you are not hungry any more. Another advise is, if you brush you'r teeth if you are hungry after candy, and when you brushed you'r teeth you isn't hungry after candy.