HELP I am being abused by 12 year old step daughter

United States
February 27, 2011 11:53pm CST
I dont really even know where to start its been so long, at first we were all close my 2 kids my bf {was getting married i stopped that real quick cause of his kids}and his 3 kids, they lived with their mom for awhile then she got put in a mental hospital so my bf got custody, still everything going good for about 6 months, then all of a sudden things changed, at first it was all 3 kids but i got them to respect me and now we are close again all but the 12y old, she is so mean to me, everyday i get her up for school she gives me attitude yells at me cusses at me, soon as she gets home same thing then the hate you calls me cuss name calls me pysco, and she hits me also not every day but she hits me, and now i have child youth on my butt, cause she tells everyone i abuse her, she told teachers and stuff at school how i beat her and i am mean to her, when the whole time from day 1 that i met her i treated her like my own, have done more for her then her own mom, i am a certfied nurse aid and she is going to take that from me cause you cant have child abuse on your record, i have done everything time out, sent to room no friends, no tv, you name it i tryed it it doesnt work, she doesnt even care i cry every night cause of what she has done to me and my name, she went to church with her grandma and told them lies now they hate me and even the church thinks i am a monster they prayed for her, i know she does it just so people will feel bad for her and she gets attiontion that she wants i feel so dead and alone inside i want to just give up and fade away, i know i could just leave move out but is that fair to the other 2 kids, i am so lost and i am afraid for myself i dont know how much more i can take, i shake really bad every day i get chest pains, i am sick cant eat or sleep. i feel like i am azombie or robot just getting up to do what i have to but not really here any more please i need advice what can i do to change some one that wont stop!! and i am not the first to find out she did the same to her mom that is why she went to a mental hospital
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• United States
15 Mar 11
Have you told your boyfriend this? Do the other kids witness her behavior or does she only do it when she's alone with you? The camera idea doesn't sound that bad if you can't get anyone else to witness her behavior towards you and sadly, people will tend to naturally believe a child when they cry abuse these days. You most definitely cannot let her get away with this though - she needs to get caught by other people in her lies and I agree with a previous poster, she should probably have some sort of psychiatric evaluation done and receive treatment.
@jazel_juan (15752)
• Philippines
2 Mar 11
that is one troubled young girl. maybe you should have her see a doctor.. or try to bond with her alone.. or maybe try that suggestion, put cameras inside the house so people will know you are not hurting her.
@ybong007 (6656)
• Philippines
28 Feb 11
Why don't you install cameras in your house without her knowledge? put those cameras in locations where no one can see it. That way, you can record her actions and you can show that to your husband. If you can't handle her, it's best that you let her father discipline her. That girl is lucky she's in the US otherwise, she could have all the spanking in her life if she's here in the philippines.