Job Hopping

February 28, 2011 3:57am CST
Instead of staying with one company for life, more and more people are changing their jobs for this or that reason.What's your viewpoint of job hopping?
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@sajeevking (5073)
• Mumbai, India
28 Feb 11
Many people do this because of only one reason that i could think of is that the other employers is providing more money so they change the job some actually change them because either they got bored doing the same anything over and over again or just not happy with the job or want to try some thing new mostly suppose if your working a company for 2 year and when you apply in some other co. you would certainly ask for money otherwise there is no need to leave your current job that's why i think most people keep on changing there jobs from time to time
• Philippines
28 Feb 11
it's good to go for job hopping at first. this gives you opportunities to explore what you really want, considering that your resume is good enough for the employers. but for the long run, you could see the most benefit if you stay in a single company, provided the company is a reputable one and has a big future ahead of it. here in the philippines, job hopping in the call center industry maybe the preference of most call center agents because after several months of being a regular, you could easily go onto another company for another job in just a few weeks time, while waiting for a week or two for your separation pay from your previous company, which in some companies make up for a month or two months payment after working for them in 6 months. also, other companies gives christmas bonuses even if you didn't work for a whole year, which is a requirement for most companies outside the call center industry. for example, a call center agent becomes an agent in a company for 6 months starting at january, then resigns after 6 months and gets a month's pay after being hired in another company, where he then gets to receive xmas bonus in december, then finds another position in another company, repeating the same process yearly. this makes three extra payments for a year's work, when working in a single job only gives 13th month pay and a christmas bonus. this works for many who want to have some extra cash spent not really on their 'needs', but mostly on their 'wants'.. well, because getting hired by call center companies is easily done in one single day, this has been a trend that many have still been doing. job hopping is good, but maybe it's a matter of how well the job opportunities in your place are.. but i think it's still better to stay with a single reputable and large company because you'll get many benefits in the future that would be beneficial not only for you, but also for your future/current family.
@lilaclady (28207)
• Australia
28 Feb 11
When I was made redundant we had to do a course that would help us cope with being out of a job and to help us to get another job..the young man doing the course was showing us how to do a resume... but he told me the fact that I had been with the company for quite a few years was not going to help get a job as employers prefered people who had been around the work force and as I was at the time thinking of opening up my own business I disagreed with him as I said to him thet if I was going to emply someone I would want someone who I trained would be loyal and stay with me...
@duh_nick (34)
• Philippines
28 Feb 11
I am guilty of job hopping. It is because I can't find something that really suits me. My big problem really is that I get bored easily. I may find my new job interesting at first but as time goes on, I get really tired and bored with it. This experience helped me somehow. It helped me realize what I really want from a job.