oh gosh ! my fat !!

February 28, 2011 11:29pm CST
i can't even believe my eye as i step on the weighing scale ! i gained 20 pounds in four mouth ! i just have no idea how this going . i used to think i have a figure and no matter how much i eat i can never flesh up ! what's more. as a guy i don't have concern about my figure ... i was wrong ...
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• India
2 Mar 11
Time to sit up and get some idea as to what you are eating and how your lifestyle is. I don’t think the term ‘figure’ should apply to women only…men and women, both have to maintain an ideal figure to lead a healthy life. I think you’d become complacent and was overeating the wrong kind of food. Also, as we age, our body’s metabolism slows down, so the same burger that was OK in our teens and early 20s, becomes a string no-no as we age. Some sort of physical exercise too is beneficial. Gaining weight is very easy but losing it is just about the hardest thing I know of.
@beamer88 (4259)
• Philippines
1 Mar 11
Men should also watch out for their weight and figure, not only for health reasons but for aesthetic purposes also. Personally, it doesn't look good if a man has a fat belly and flabby muscles.
• United States
1 Mar 11
Start exercising a bit and cut out some of the fatty foods, drink plenty of water in place of high caloric colas and you should start seeing some of the pounds melt off again, as you metabolism increases. This may be quicker to accomplish now before you gain more weight. Then once you get to your ideal weight continue eating properly and instead of intense exercising you can cut down a bit more. Best of luck and here's to better health.