Are you single??

March 1, 2011 10:23am CST
Is being single the most happiest moment in your life or maybe the loneliest part that you don't wanna remember??
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@pepinho (117)
• Slovak Republic
6 Apr 11
You know its like in that song ,,Everybody needs somebody ,, :) You know it depends on person and age. There are young people who are enjoying life and they are rather single but some of them want to be in relationship.When you are older you prefer more option to be with some partner so i think your question is pretty difficult.
@lizzyt2007 (1312)
• Craig, Alaska
21 Mar 11
For me being single presently. I try not to think of being lonely. I just hang out with friends when ever they are not busy, or try to help them when they need it, which is not very often. even though I do have a son, I do get lonely. I try to keep myself busy but that is truely a hard thing to do when your alone at night in your home.
• Philippines
5 Mar 11
I'm still single but not available. I already am engaged to be married. So far when I have no boyfriend yet I feel left out. It was the feeling that nobody cares to protect me or fight on my side. I do have friends and most of the time I managed to dismiss the thought. Being single has its ups and downs just like any roads of life. I now am happy knowing i've found the place where my heart should rest.
• Philippines
12 Mar 11
Hi gjay. Yes, I am single. I want to share a secret with you -- I never had a boyfriend! That's funny. Well, I had revealed so it is no longer called a secret, right? lol. Whatever. But, I am wishing I could have a boyfriend really soon. I love solitude. But, I was tired of being a single. Yeah, it's lonely -- but not the loneliest part of my life, i guess. I also want to experience having a relationship with someone. So, well good luck to me. And all of you. Happy MyLotting and have a good day!
• Philippines
11 Mar 11
Well being single is being free all the time. Your only problem is yourself so enjoy while still being single for time will come when you'll met somebody and you wouldn't have enough time for yourself.
• United States
12 Mar 11
For me it has definately been the saddest. I have been lonely, and it has not been fun.
• Singapore
1 Mar 11
I am single but I wish I could have a partner.
@thatgirl13 (7295)
• South Korea
1 Mar 11
No actually. I've been lonely for quite sometime now and i don't hate it at all. I enjoy it a lot actually. This way i can enjoy times with my single friends. Actually I had a nasty breakup couple years ago and I don't think i'm ready for a relationship already.
@sexyice (873)
• Latvia
1 Mar 11
When I was single I was so much free time, then I did everything I wanted. Then I was in Amsterdam and traveled return with autostop. Then I liveed just for one day, I often had no money and when I had the money was spent on parties. Now I have a fammily. And now I live life and plan my income and expenses. Life is not harder now, I love my life, I know that I will have to eat tomorrow: D