Wheatgrass and barley grass

March 2, 2011 5:20am CST
Hmm. my friend show me something about this grass.. i am not interested at 1st. i am on my computer when suddenly remember him. and what she sell to me i search to the web about this grass..i was amaze of what i discovered, because this grass contain almost the all of the nutrients of the body.. now im drink a lot of it.. hope it will work w/ you.. Take note: the nutrients contain this grass had been proven kill cancer cell..
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• India
3 Mar 11
Hi hanSquall, I do not know much about barley grass, its probably similar to wheatgrass. But I can definitely vouch for the wheatgrass! Fresh wheatgrass juice is also called as Green Blood and contains lot of vitamins and minerals, especially abundant in vitamin E which is great for your skin, hair, is a powerful antioxidant that deters the growth of cancer cells. Wheatgrass juice is also helpful in lowering and maintaining your weight and is great as a detoxifier for your body. Only thing you need to be careful before buying it is that you should sure of its sources, the way it has been grown without using fertilizers or pesticides and on dirty water etc. If it has been grown using such stuff, then it is more harmful than beneficial. The ideal way would be to plant your own wheatgrass and then drink the juice that you make.