Ever been in a scam PTC site?

March 2, 2011 6:14pm CST
Hello! I would like to ask you guys, where you ever in a PTC site that you thought it would be legit only to be scam at the end? I sure was, there was a site called UroBux. It first payed for 1-2 months, but then PayPal got closed, then AlertPay. After that AlertPay opened but no one got the money. At the end, the admin just ran away. Luckly, I never invested in this site. But I sure feel bad for wasting my time there.
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@yallit (3677)
• Philippines
3 Mar 11
I think most of us here have joined sites that turned scam. But all the sites that I joined that turned SCAM in the end are BUX sites. From the sites that are now SCAM, I lost $5 from Elebux only. Thankfully, I was able to win my dispute against Onbux (which is now on the Watch List) and recovered $90 from them plus I earned $120. So, it's a win-win scenario for me. I'm glad that I was able to get out early.
@RamRes (1723)
• Argentina
8 Mar 11
Yes, I have been prey of some of them too, who doesn't?. I like to keep them bookmarked however, under a folder conveniently named "scams" just to remember not going there, although many often dissapear after scamming enough money. The most notable ones where GagaBux, JMGold and 888Bux and a few others, all have payed a few times but not any longer. In any case, none has payed me either nor I've invested on any scam so far. I have 2 bux sites with investments and both are paying so I feel confident, but I'm aware that it may change from one day to the other. I've tried a few non-bux without any good experience so far, but I may try a few some more soon.
@kripa_db (578)
• India
3 Mar 11
Wow i have lost the count of scam sites i have encountered. I usually sign up sites that have paid people. But ya just like you said nowadays most sites pay for 1 or 2 months and then become scams. It is a bit frustrating if they shut down before you are paid though. It is really a waste of time.
@anya7122 (63)
• India
3 Mar 11
yup... i have been to a lot scams..... but now whenever i choose a site i just make sure that its legit and surf for it alot... coz when u give ur best to a site and always wait for ur results and in the end u find out that the program u were working for was just face and all ur hrdwork was for nothing ..it hurts alot... as recently i come t know that one of my fav site has converted into a scam...:( [trekpay]