who agrees paul mcartney should not have re-married?

March 3, 2011 4:20am CST
who thinks that paul mcartney from the beatles should not have got re-married, what a mistake that was and why he put his kids through it?
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@savypat (20216)
• United States
5 Mar 11
How can you make such a judgement. While it's always true that we can look back and see mistakes, there is no way to judge what is good or bad for another person.
• United States
4 Mar 11
Some people literally figure that they will keep trying until they find the right one. In this case though I think he needs to stop for a while and determine what he wants with life first. It is not fair on the kids to go through so much. Perhaps a breather would do him right and he will figure out what life for him should be like.
@se7enthbird (8307)
• Philippines
3 Mar 11
you can only know a person better when you live with them under one roof. sadly he didnt choose a great person. it is hard to choose. but life is trial and errors. i hope if ever he remarries again finds someone who is perfectly fit for him. married life is hard so it makes it more complicated when you dont really work together. i can not blame him too for picking someone like his wife. she is pretty, but i guess she only loves the money and the fame, she does not love paul that equal. just my opinion.