Believe in Unseen

March 5, 2011 7:30am CST
Do you believe in unseen? Aside from God, do you believe in ghost that wandering inside in some houses?
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• Philippines
12 Mar 11
Hi hanifah! Yes, I do believe the unseen. I do believe in God, I do believe in ghosts lurking out there, I do believe there is a strong power out there. I believe in many stuffs. My colleagues even call me some geeky wierdo girl. Well, I admit. I'm alone most of the time. (No, I don't want to expand that story here because it's inappropriate in the discussion. lol^^) The world was built, we had not seen it, yet it happened. Same is true to another planets out there -- from the old times, we don't know that they exist but as time goes on and because the human brain became more productive, we now know that they exist. I believe in th unseen. I believe that we human are not alone. There are other civilizations out there -- out in the universe. I believe in aliens too. There are so much things I believe. I only believe on something that holds proof. Proof you say? Yes. What I mean is that I believe on something that was supported by some things like: 1.) Proof by WITNESS; 2.) Proof by SCIENCE AND EXPERIMENTS; and if those are not acquired, 3.) Proof of PURE LOGIC That's it. I don't just believe things. I must acquire first even just on of my 3 myself-formulated PROOFS. But these can also be screwed up. I should had expressed more things but this response was getting long. And I'm not doing lecture, either. lol. So that's it. Happy MyLotting and have a good day!
12 Mar 11
Yes I do believe in it.. There are lots of things in our world that even science can't explain. Lots of people experienced it. No proofs dont mean that it doesnt exist. Our world will always be a mystery. All you have to do is accept it..
• Philippines
12 Mar 11
Thanks grace
• Philippines
14 Mar 11
@deadfieldy: yes. Science can't explain everything. Logic now comes in handy. I always wanted to know the mystery of the world. But, I disagree with your last line. No, I can't accept anything easily. Than can still be criticized -- through our logic. The mind of a man is a very powerful tool. It is a mind of a man who brought science, right? That's my 3rd proof: PURE LOGIC.. You can still get me? Feel free to ask me or what. @hanifah: welcome^^
@oxash222 (27)
• Philippines
7 Mar 11
i believe so because i remember a few instances when i feel others' presence when in fact i'm all alone most of the time in a new place...weird but i really believe that there are others who are unseen..
@livecenter (1136)
• Malaysia
6 Mar 11
As for me, I believe at the unseen creature...That is because we have seen and heard many people encounter this sort of thing, as well as it is said in my Book...Nevertheless, I have always believed ghosts do not exist, and in fact is the Satan in his mask...Unseen creatures are also the creation of God, so there is no need for us to be scared of them...Just pray to God, and God wills, it will not haunt you anymore...