You live in a democratic country?

March 6, 2011 4:17am CST
Always see some news related to people's lives around the world under the autocratic regime. Your country?
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@med889 (5950)
6 Mar 11
I was living in London with my parents then I got married and came to live in Paris. I find both cities wonderful to be in and I always find new things to do here and there. I do not have any issues related to the autocratic regime as they are far from me but I wonder how believe live in such countries and if ever there voices are raised.
@maximax8 (31141)
• United Kingdom
6 Mar 11
I do live in the same country in which I was born: the United Kingdom. I reside in England but it also comprises of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is a democratic country. We had a government which is thought to be fair. The police are considered to be honest. We have a royal family. It is a safe country to live in because it is not at war and it doesn't suffer many natural disasters.
• Canada
7 Mar 11
Britanin's constitutional monarchy is laudable. Britain's economy and democratic system are walking in front of the world. A respectable nation and country.
• Australia
6 Mar 11
Yep, Australia is a great country to live in =D It is terrible what is happening in the world at the moment. There are massive human rights violations going on, hopefully something gets done about it sooner rather than later. . .
• Canada
6 Mar 11
Still has a lot of people living under the tyranny of oppression.
• China
13 Jun 11
I'm live in dictatorship country. We country of people haven't vote. but time is fast pass. I belive we will wait until the day of democracy.
@chiyosan (30196)
• Philippines
6 Mar 11
We live in a democratic country... People here pretty much do anday anything they want... Hehe... Quite a lot of problem around some arabic asian countries... I hope thwy settle their isses already.