What do you think of renting a partner for holidays?

March 8, 2011 4:31am CST
A lot of young people are under great pressure from their parents' constant urge finding a girlfriend or boyfriend, so do you think renting a partner is feasible or acceptable?
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@AdalieM (1134)
• United States
6 Apr 11
Going out with somebody I don't like nor find interesting is just as bad as renting one. I don't think is the best option out there. Why not find somebody real instead of somebody who is fake. Not to mention nobody should be after a girl or a boy just to please their parents or just because you feel alone and want somebody to be with you so desperately. These things take time, love is not so hard to find, if you haven't found it is because you are looking at the wrong places.
• United States
9 Mar 11
No harm in it if you simply just want a platonic date. It probably will not be cheap to do so because these 'dates" probably do this for a living. Best of luck and be careful on which service you use. You can also ask a friend to go along so you are not completely alone and maybe the friend for a nice evening and feast would be willing for free.
@Eugene126 (124)
• United States
8 Mar 11
LOL! I love this idea! I've actually been using the term "dating without benefits" to describe friends' relationships that seem to be designed simply to get parents off their backs
@Liliac26 (557)
• Romania
8 Mar 11
I don't think it'd be affordable, unless you "rent" a friend. And you'd be lying to your family, which isn't a good thing at all, especially when you get found out :P. Plus, there's nothing to be ashamed in being single. I, for one, love people who are single and proud. Especially since I'm about to re-become so myself :).