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March 8, 2011 9:59pm CST
Recently,I was sent to one branch of our company.The job waiting for me was totally different from the job I did before.But it was happened to the right job I was always dreaming of.And the manager here admired me.She thought I was a person who had her own ideas.When I finished school,I kept looking for a job which was closely linked with Enligsh speaking or writing,for I love English so much.Unfortunatly,for some reasons,all the jobs I did had little or nothing to do with English.So I thought this was a marvellous chance for me. However,there are some problems for me: It's been two years that I stopped learning English.I forgot how to write and how to speak;I tried to learn it again.But I felt so depressed.The manager assigned me two tasks.But I did not do them well.I was afraid of losing the job and diappointing her.What can I do?
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