Do you know of Eye inflammation due to prolonged use of contact lenses ?

March 10, 2011 10:24am CST
HI friends from the last 3-4 days i felt discomfort after wearing my contact lenses. Accidently i also slept in them for almost 2 hours on two consecutive days. Also, my daily wear hours had gone up to 12-15 hours on an average. Last night my eyes became red and there was pain and watering.I was scared when i looked at them.My vision was also disrupted due to the discomfort. I immediately fixed an appointment with the doctor the other day and bunked college. The doctor looked at my eyes and exclaimed 'OVERUSE of LENSES'. I kind of knew it but was relieved that it wasn't a serious condition. But now my treatment is on.She has prescribed eye ointments and drops as well. My eyeballs inflammed due to lack of oxygen because of overwearing my lenses. I cannot wear lenses for 10 days and until my doctor tells me i am fine to wear them. Also, my doctor said that no matter what the lens type is , daily wear should not exceed 8 hours! My eyes are sore and i'm wearing my specs now :( Friends, did you ever have a similar condition? If so, what was your treatment like? What is your lense wearing regime? I know of cases of eye dryness due to excessive Computer use but mine is due to lense overuse.
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@Rick1950 (1578)
• Lima, Peru
22 Jul 11
I would not use contact lens anymore. I would go back to use normal glasses again. Actually eye inflammation is dangerous and could be get worse if you use contact lenses again. Try to achieve your eyes healthy with the treatment. Take care!
• India
29 Sep 11
I hAve decided to go in for laser operation. Many friends have got it done with wonderful results. I cant wait to get mine! :) take care
@LaDeBoheme (2004)
• United States
11 Mar 11
I wear extended wear lenses. I wear them for weeks at a time, all day, all night. When I finally take them out because I can't see with them anymore, I toss 'em and put in a new pair. No fuss. No muss. BUT don't tell my eye doctor I wear them for, months, because they are only recommended for 1-2 weeks and my doctor says 1 week. I do it because I've been wearing contacts for years and I'm used to it. I do not recommend this practice, but it works for me because I am comfortable doing it. That doesn't mean I haven't had problems in the past. Several years ago, my eyes became so inflamed and painful, I could not even bear the light. Emergency visit to the doctor, because I could not even get my eyes open long enough to take out the contacts. Similiar to your situation. She didn't say overuse, but she said my eyes had dried out so much that the contact was pulling cells off my eye. It could have been a environmental cause, medication, we never got it narrowed down. But oh yeah, I had to wear my glasses with the thick coke bottle lenses (I am legally blind without corrective lenses) for a couple of days. Of course, as soon as my eyes felt better, the contacts went back in. There was one other recent occasion. I work as a stagehand and had just done two back-to-back concerts that had plenty of pyros and fog machines (one being KISS, so you can imagine the fire power) and it really dried out my contacts and irritated my eyes. This time, my doctor (knowing how much I hate glasses) gave me a supply of daily-wear throw-away lenses that were real thin. She said they would be less invasive and irritable to my eyes. Just wear them all day and throw them out before sleeping. In all the years I have worn lenses (and I started with hard lens), I have been lucky considering how I have abused them. I realize I sometimes push it too far. Shhh...again, don't tell my doctor. I'll deny all of it.
• India
14 Mar 11
Oh my God! You totally abuse your eyes! Give them some oxygen! And seriously take care of them.And btw, which part of the world do you live in?It seems there is not as much pollution there as you are able to wear lenses for days without taking them off ! I live in Mumbai, the financial capital of India and there is enough pollution here to ruin your vision!
@DoctorDidi (7018)
• India
24 Mar 12
Though much improved quality of contact lens is now available, yet prolonged use of contact lenses may cause inflammation of the eyes. So contact lens users should keep this fact in mind and act accordingly. Moreover, any problem of eyes should not be neglected and be brought to the attention of an ophthalmologist, otherwise, a yearly check up is useful.
• United States
10 Mar 11
Oh my. I wear mine all day. did not know all this. thanks for letting me know. take care.
• India
10 Mar 11
hey soapies! What do you mean by whole day?How many hours? DO you regularly get eye check ups done? Well, i started using lenses without guidance from a doctor and hence i'm suffering the same.Eyes are precious and we better take care of them!