Is it possible to make a pomeranian fetch the newspaper?

March 10, 2011 11:40pm CST
I know that something like labrador will do it easily.Can a pom do that?My dog is showing no sign of obeying me.I tried giving him treats for bringing the paper but he doesnt want to surrender it to me.After eating what i give him, he takes the newspaper back from me.At last the paper tear into 2.
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@superjae (58)
• Canada
12 Mar 11
Haha xD That sounds like my dog, she's a Maltese/Poodle and she doesn't like to obey me. ): Some dogs are easier to train than others, but in the end ultimately all dogs can be trained to do things like fetching newspapers if you have enough patience. How long have you had that pomeranian? The longer you've had it and more bonds you've created with it, the more inclined it will be to listen to your orders ^_^
• India
12 Mar 11
The dog is around 10 years old.I dont know if i can train an older dog.
• Canada
11 Mar 11
any dog can be taught to fetch a paper as long as they are big enough to life it which it sounds like your dog defiantly is. my pom for example fetches my socks and slippers for me all the time although sometimes even when i don't want them i did wake up the other morning with a pile of stray socks at the side of my bed...i had been wondering were they all were going