Process or result, which is more important?

March 11, 2011 5:26am CST
I enjoy the process of striving for certain things but nine times out of ten the result disappoints me but I still believe without constant effort the final result counts nothing. Which do you reckon is more important in our life?
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@urbandekay (18278)
23 Jan 13
Process all the best, urban
@mythociate (21437)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
23 Jan 13
It depends on your definition of "important": if 'important' means "what other people will pay you for," then the answer is "results"; if 'important' means "the foundation upon which you build your work's quality," than the answer is "process." Ideally, you learn the 'process' already-forged & -sharpened down to its optimum, so that you can 'process' the material more-directly into a finished product. Sometimes (Lady Gaga's music springs to mind) part of the finished product IS the process. Meditate on that, and tell me what questions arise that meditation does not answer!
• Philippines
11 Mar 11
process for without it no result will be knew Ü