March 12, 2011 1:16am CST
Does having someone in your life is necessary? What if he's too jealous and you don't have any freedom to mingle with others? Should you hang ip with this man?
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@didi13 (2926)
• Romania
17 Mar 11
I think that jealousy is actually a small proof of love from their partner, but of course sometimes jealousy can lead to extreme deeds, or separation, it is true that jealousy is foatre worst enemy of love, but if not love, you do not how to be jealous.
• Philippines
14 Mar 11
Hi. I think being with someone just for the sake of having someone in your life to complete you is not so good. We get to be with someone because we want to share a part of ourselves and not to fill up the empty spaces we think that person could fill. Jealousy, as they say, could be healthy at times. It just shows that the person is interested and feels truly involved. But when it comes to the point that it stresses other relationship in your life, say for example being with your old buddies, I think that must be resolved by communication right away. Else it might turn out to be something that could cause a break up in the later stage of your relationship. But by the way, what do you mean bu mingling with others? If its friendly hang outs I don't see any reason why he should be worried. Sometimes we might be sending the wrong signals that would actually give a person the inclination to be jealous.
@weasel81 (2496)
• Australia
13 Mar 11
it is nice to have someone in your life but not necessary. there are times when i would like to have some one here to talk to, apart from my son. my ex didnt like me doing anything period, from talking to people at times to helping my parents to riding my horses. but if it all benifited him he didnt care. i had rules i had to live by with him, so i didnt get hurt.
@rsmegan (13)
• China
12 Mar 11
If you really love him,just tell him and make some efforts for your love.But actually,in my opinion,freedom is the most important thing.No matter how deeply you love him,one day you'll feel that you can not be so tolerant any more.Love means selfish sometimes,but not all the time.
@tiina05 (2317)
• Philippines
13 Mar 11
hello, Actually, I might say that it really depends on you if you really love him. right?. You will not mingle to anyone that will hurt his feeling and you will be the one who will do it. even I, I am easily got jealous whenever my boyfriend talk to girls but I don't let him notice it, I keep it to myself and now we are getting stronger he already know that attitude that is why he is the one that will not talk to any girls at all. Even I know it is hard to him he understands me because he knows that I just love him much. So good luck to you make your decision wisely,
12 Mar 11
i love do love whit my girlefriend
• Philippines
12 Mar 11
I think it really depends on you if you love this man that much, you will be willing to give up your freedom to mingle to others... In my opinion If I really love this man or we have a commitment i will be willing to give up my freedom for him. And if the other way around, of course i will not let him ruin my friendship with others. Hope my response help..