Music has some type of magic that makes me strong on my bad times

Delhi, India
March 14, 2011 4:04am CST
i don't know what is the magic in music but when i am tense or facing any major problem, I start listening music of my choice and i got relief. It gives me power to face these problem mentally. have you ever tried this technique?
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@jagjit273 (1754)
• India
26 Nov 11
yes I am also going through a bad phase in my life and Listening good Music gives me more courage to face them and have confidence in me that good days will Come back. have a Nice day
• Delhi, India
7 Dec 11
yes you are right thats why i use music to refresh mind...........
@chiwasaki (4694)
• Philippines
21 Sep 11
I definitely agree with you there. There are times that I feel down but some inspirational music makes me strong. Christian music can also moved you. The lyrics will really touch your soul like a message specifically for you.
• India
14 Mar 11
Hello! I love listening to music and it depends on my mood as to what type of music I like to listen to. In the mornings when I am in the kitchen working and cooking for the day, I prefer to listen to soft music as it sooths my nerves which are tense due to work. Even in car I listen to soft music as I hv felt if I listen to fast music while driving, then I tend to drive fast which is risky for me. Recently when I went for my monthly check up, I told my doctor that I feel depressed most of the time and his suggestion was I should listen to music as it will make me feel relaxed.
• India
14 Mar 11
Music is natures magic. It has some hidden mystery. Music can alter mood of mind. Selection of music is very important in altering mood of mind.
@thatgirl13 (7294)
• South Korea
14 Mar 11
Yes i feel the exact same way too. Music is like the food to my soul. Whenever I'm sad or mad or whatever, i listen to music and everything feels so good again. Music is really addictive. Life would be miserable without music i think.