what age would you want to get married?

@Sheeny (173)
March 15, 2011 4:54am CST
I wanted to get married at the age of 26-27, I am 22 right now. But to be in reality, that is quiet impossible because of the economical status of our country today it is so difficult to raised children and to have a family. That is why I'm trying my best to met my goal, and that is to have a stable work.
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@gaiza12 (4884)
• Philippines
26 Mar 11
I agree, it's really hard to get married these days and even in the years to come if you don't work hard as early as now. I wanted to get married at 27-28 as well. but I think that it will not be happening since I have to look for a partner first..hahah. And then the money will have to follow once I am sure that I have found the right guy ;p
• United States
16 Mar 11
I was married way too early and although I was so prepared for all aspects of marriage, unfortunately it did not work out the way I wanted. I don't believe there is a set age group in order to set for marriage, but your way of thinking seems fine. One needs to venture, and prepare in life before rushing into marriage, especially this day and age.
@r0ck_r0ck (1952)
• India
15 Mar 11
right now i dont even wanna get married not untill i have a decent job atleast. but yah being in a relationship is huge and its a matter of joke so serious thought should be given b4 taking any decisions cause it can ruin lives.
@yanyanyow (326)
• Philippines
15 Mar 11
when i was younger, i would want to marry when i reach the age of 25. now, i really am undecided because when i get married i want to have lots of money already so when i got kids, i would always be with them all the time. but before getting married, i want to experience first to work for myself. i want to spend time with myself and my friends before getting married. so there are really many factors before i get married and now i dont have specific age in mind anymore.
@sexyice (873)
• Latvia
15 Mar 11
When I was younger, I did not want to get married at all. Now I say - I do not know or want to get married. I like the freedom and I do not want someone to belong, because it requires. If I ever get married, it will be just my decision, because I am like cat, like freedom. I can love without commitment, I do not need someone to belong, to love him.
@edsss17 (4394)
• Philippines
15 Mar 11
Hello, I totally agree with you. Nowadays its very difficult to get married because of the economical status in the countries we are in. But I prefer to get married at the age of 27-28.. As of now, I want to reach my goals first before settling down. I want to make my parents happy first before I make myself happy with the man I will be living for all the days of my life.! :) Cheers!