The Da Silva twins

March 15, 2011 2:28pm CST
I was wondering what the general opinion of the Da Silva twins is, do you think they have a bright future at Untied or will they ultimately falter in the coming years? I myself after the FA cup match started thinking about this more and more and as for Rafael Da Silva I think he has a good future career at United ahead of him although Fabio I'm not so sure about as he's got less chance of taking a first team slot and I could see him tiring of sitting on the bench and moving on. One thing about them is they're both willing workers and prepared to do what the manager asks as they showed when they played on the left and right flanks against Arsenal and looked quite good in an unusual role for them . One other thing that surprises me about them is the sheer fact they're Brazilian and typically bazillions fail to impress in the Premier league, there's not been to many who've managed to be a success in the English league or do you have any examples who have done well in the English league the only player that comes to my mind is Juninho Paulista at Middlesbrough.
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