Do you think it is proper to say that God resembles human, like being begotten?

March 16, 2011 12:02am CST
As to Christians Jesus was the son of God. To the Jew Ezra was the son of God. As I have observed Christians often asked their prayers to virgin Mary and more often to Jesus. I seldom hear from them them the creator, of the true God. Was it possible to be worship whom you call god and resembles like human being for being begotten? Why don't you call Adam to be a son of God, for he has no mother too.
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@bird123 (10484)
• United States
18 Mar 11
We are all children of God. We must look to our true natures. We are spiritual beings in a physical body. God is spiritual. God will not be confined to a physical body. This physical world exists solely to aid in our education.
• Philippines
11 Apr 11
My religion Islam do not believe that we are the children of god, we are the slaves of God. He created us, He is not a father to us but a god. Father and God differs.
@annapplez (208)
• Australia
16 Mar 11
People seem to forget about Adam, he was created directly by the hand of God. But the only thing Adam is remembered for is the original sin, not for works and miracles like Jesus. Perhaps we don't pray to God because we feel he is too mighty to ask for help. Jesus and Mary, although mighty, are slightly closer to our level of being than God. Maybe we don't feel as lowly talking to them, than to The Creator of Heaven and Earth and the entire Universe. Just a thought, but good question because it really did get me thinking.
• Philippines
16 Mar 11
If you are going to ask, ask to the mightiest one, for he is able to do all things possible. It seems Mary is the wife of God, you mean? God marrying a human?