What do you want to take away most when the earthquake happened?

March 20, 2011 10:28pm CST
In fact,it's so hard to decide which one should take away in an emergency. Money?Photos?Laptop?Mobile Phone?:(
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• Philippines
21 Mar 11
It's difficult to decide which to take during an emergency if a person can only bring limited load. It's good to take a mobile phone as means of communication. Money might be handy too. As for laptop, I guess not because it's not as portable as a mobile phone and its battery might run out quickly.
• China
21 Mar 11
HI,EnslinPorter. Yes,you are right.Anyway,we should provide for a rainy day in order to cope with possible future disasters.
@salonga (27781)
• Philippines
22 Mar 11
Verily, verily I will say unto you when a calamity strikes at any time you are unprepared, you can no longer think of any of those material things to take with you but you will just run solely for your life. If waves larger that buildings and stronger than you can ever imagine are up and about to swallow you, nothing but your life is your concern. No more laptop, no more money, no more mobile phones, no more material thing your mind will ever think.