studies failure

March 21, 2011 2:20am CST
I have tried so many times for my studies but i dont know whats going on.. i have take up so many subjects but till now i cant be able to move to the highest part of which we can say i am almost done in all level.. and now i am starting a new course huhuhuh
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@galileo2008 (1141)
• Philippines
24 Mar 11
It all boils down to self-determination. I, too, got failed in college and I didn't know what to do because I really though that it's gonna be okay even if I got failed in major exams. I was not to focused on my studies, thinking that I i'll still be able to make it...turned out my worst nightmare. After that experience I got, I starting to think that I should be determined to pass coz I couldn't just be on the same year level, I must move on.. and that;s what I did. Now, I am working in a stable company after I graduated from college 3 years ago.
• Philippines
23 Mar 11
..focus on your down the things you are most interested and where you most enjoy spending your time with..its also better to ask the opinions of your family members on what course you should helps a lot in coming up with ta decision on what course you will get, this way the chances of shifting from one course to another is less..
• United States
21 Mar 11
Not all are the same, some have good genetics some don't. Maybe you have or maybe you don't. The genetic potential you have might be hidden or not there at all. I'm just kidding. Well, people have different ways to study and learn. the best way to learn is always different from someone to someone but sometimes you find someone who studies the same or similar to yours, and sometimes you find something you like and it works for you, when you find those then you are set, just keep on looking and go study until you can't anymore.
• Philippines
21 Mar 11
hi maria, I know how you feel at the age of 25 i am still finishing my bachelor degree some people make fun of me because at my age i supposed to be having may masterals degree but since i am lazy when i go back into school studying is not my priority anymore. I stopped for more than 2 years when i go back to University everything has changed the people and the course i shifted to another course which more complicated than i think just finish your studies, group study will help you a lot be positive and after graduation all of your hard work will be paid off . I am not a brilliant student but if i am not lazy i can pass the subject but if i find uncomfortable with my classmate and professor i drop the subject results still studying now. happy mylotting
@Zer0Stats (1309)
• India
21 Mar 11
Sleep more! Eat healthy! Do sports! Have a social life! Go outside once in a while! These are the certain necessary things that one must compulsarily have in its life.If you lack any one thing that I listed above then you must really try to work very hard to get on it.Saying my own personal experience.....Good luck!