do cellphones damages our brain cells ???????????

November 19, 2006 8:39am CST
wellcan anyoneexploai it ////// well is it true----
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@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
2 Jul 08
I agree that RF transmissions from a cellphone may damage our brain cells BUT it has to be very long exposure it has to be very strong exposure Good thing is: we just spend at most an hour total a day talking on the cellphone we are really exposed to much lower levels of radiation due to advancement in technology - the phone automatically reduces transmit power when it is near the cellsite ... it is part of machine protocol between the phone and cellsite
• India
22 Dec 06
The microwave radiation from mobile phones have harmful effects at intensity levels far below the safety threshold values used in most countries according to a considerable body of evidence. The radiation of the mobile phones is adapted to the these far to high threshold values. This means that your mobile phone radiation is strong enough to exert harmful influences on your brain and other tissues even at normal usage. Accumulating evidence indicate that microwave radiation from mobile phones is harmful and may cause serious diseases. This includes an increased cancer risk and genetic damage, disturbed brain function and other effects. Under such conditions the precautionary principle should be applied. It means that people and the environment should not be exposed to influences whose harmful effects are incompletely known. There are especially strong reasons to appy this principle when, as is in the case of mobile phones, there are multiple studies indicating that seriously harmful health effects may occur. People should be very restrictive with using mobile phones as there is a growing body of compelling scientific evidence indicating serious hazards. Especially the steadily growing numbers of studies indicating increased risk for brain tumors are worrisome. As it is seems now, it is wise to limit the usage to emergency situations. Further buildup of the mobile phone net should be stopped until enough is known about the health risks. As it seems now, steadily increasing evidence indicates that it is too harmful to be acceptable for common usage.
• India
22 Dec 06
no i dont think that cellphones damages our brain cells. why are you thinking in this way ? its really good.
• India
19 Nov 06
Electro megnatic field of high intencity can damage our brain cells but I dont think cell phone have that much of hich intencity...