is thinking so much is psychological problem

March 23, 2011 5:36am CST
is thinking so much is psychological problem....coz i experinence that may times i think alot about the unnecessary stuff and unwantedally go to some nmemories in past ... i am also a day dreamer ..i dreame about the things which i know that would never happen but still i think about them....during exam tymes i am always distracted with my ownthought..while reading my concentration is lost and i start thinking about other thing...and the most strange thing is that i continue my reading while thinking
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@chiyosan (30213)
• Philippines
23 Mar 11
I guess so... I think that when you think too much and itbothers you so much it canbe a psychological problem because you are not able to handle your issues and too much rhinking qorries you and could sometimes even cause ypu to not do ypur regular days work...
• India
23 Mar 11
should i consult a psychologist or you have any best solution
23 Mar 11
Thinking is a blessing, not a problem. Your brain is a gift and a mystery at the same time. Negative thought can consciously and subconsciously influence your behaviour. So identifying the core of the negative manner is the first step. Clearing your mind from thoughts is also something you'll learn in the process.
• India
23 Mar 11
but the problem is i dont hav control on my mind ...i want to find out a way to overcome this by domt know how..i try also bt after some tym i being careless and leave that ...
@Janexiao (173)
• China
24 Mar 11
when you are reading, thinking something related is very good, but something else is not good. I think you are the type that very earily to be distracted, you have to learn how to concentrate your mind on the things you are doing right now. May be you will feel very painful at the first begining,just do it slowly. Maybe you can try this, when you have a class, you feel that you can't control you mind, have a deep breathe and drink some water, i hope this can help you
@ra1787 (501)
• Italy
23 Mar 11
I believe that thinking too much can be a problem, sometimes overthinking things can inhibit action and make us lose opportunity. Don't thinking enough is maybe an even bigger problem, as with all things in life we got to do them in the right amount.