how to make a website?????

March 24, 2011 7:40am CST
hey mylotter, i have came to now that the website designing is very profitable now days and i want to design a website ...i think it will be very interesting and a good source of earning money...but i dont know how to start..can anybody help me suggesting that how i can make a website ...what are the important aspect for web page designing ....and is the web site designing is expensive ?????? what we have to do after abnd before design for the web page pls pls pls respond me because i really want to know!!!!!!!!!!
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@sajeevking (5077)
• Mumbai, India
24 Mar 11
You can create a blog at for free also you can create on on i like both of them but yeah has more stuff as compare to blogger according but too use both of them you should have some basic knowledge of html if you don't know html search for video tutorial on youtube you could get many of them actually html is the most easiest language to learn you can do it yourself also there is which you could refer good luck
@prabu03 (175)
• India
24 Mar 11
sorry to say u spend money means u can create the website other wise u cant create but u can create in here u can adds the banners
@gigalord (261)
• Romania
24 Mar 11
Well, there are endless ways to build a nice looking website. An options is writing the code yourself using HTML/PHP, CSS or other programming language. With some softwares, like Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe Dreamweaver you can design a website without knowing a programming language. Or you can just choose a CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.), design from scratch with a basic, clean theme (all content managers have clean starter themes). Other viable opportunity is designing the site in Photoshop and then converting it to a form browsers can read. This is the hardest alternative, but also gives the most flexibility. The method you use also depends on the terms given by the customer. Usually building a website with content managers is the most handy option. You can make a website for free, but some premium additions will greatly help you in the work. The full answers to your questions would take a whole book to write, so I'm only sharing the informations required for having a starting point.