When does the pleasant knot is start to have?

Hong Kong
November 19, 2006 9:01am CST
When does the pleasant knot is start to have?
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• Hong Kong
20 Nov 06
The Chinese knot is the Chinese unique folk manually weaves theornament, the beginning to antiquity ancients' keeping records bytying knots. According to "Is easy " to carry: "The antiquityties a knot governs, later generation sages easy by booklistagreement." Eastern Han Dynasty Zheng Xuan in "Book of Change Note"middle course: "Ties a knot for approximately, the matter is big, bigknot its rope; The matter is small, subtotal its rope." It takes onekind of decoration art beginning Yu the Tang Song time. To Ming andQing Dynasties time, the people start for to tie the naming, hasentrusted with the rich connotation for it, for example: The pleasantknot represents propitiously is pleasant; The double fish knotrepresents has -odd and so on, ties the skill to achieveprosperously in at that time.