For Phils: Top/Best Pay-to-Click, Paid Survey Company and Work-at-Home sites?

March 25, 2011 10:01pm CST
I have been on the look out for a possible way to earn money online and i've been doing my reasearch for a few months now for these legitimate sites. There are a few good number of sites i have found in the internet but most of them are for/or recommended for U.S. or Europe residents only. Can anyone give me a list of the sites you have tried and would recommend specially for Filipinos like me who wants to start a career online or earn some extra income to help pay some bills. any ideas, recommendations, tips or opinions would be very much appreciated. Thank you and happy mylotting!!! ^_^
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1 Apr 11
hi oxash222, I am filipino too. i've been into make money online for almost 5 months already and I can tell you this, there are countless of sites that you can earn but you need to invest. btw, do u have your own blogsite? for me, product review is the best way to earn online.
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26 Mar 11
check out tagvillage, where there are a lot of earning opportunities just using their site. you will get paid daily and its not a quick rich scheme. you will just make extra money and it keeps on increasing.
26 Mar 11
Hi oxash, i know its really hard to look for some extra cash online.. cause most of them are scam. and even they are legit. you will have to spend lots and lots of time just to earn a little.. and here is the question.. are they worth it? My advise is.. look for job online..i know you got some skills.. elancer, freelancer, and many more sites.. just look for the job that fits you..