Do you blame anyone when everything has gone awry?

@msvenzon (424)
March 26, 2011 9:48am CST
Is it right to blame anyone when everything has gone wrong or things didn't turn out the way you wanted too? Right now, I am blamed for some suggestions I made before that they agreed to. I am very much confused at my situation because I don't know if every decision I've made is wrong.
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@derek_a (10874)
27 Mar 11
I tend to take great care if someone asks me for advice, because I have been blamed in the past. But that was a long time ago and I have since trained as a therapist and the rule is we don't give advice, but support our clients to find the best answer for themselves. Therefore, the only "advice" I give myself is to never give anybody else any advices. It's much safer that way. _Derek
@msvenzon (424)
• Philippines
27 Mar 11
You have a very good point!
@joystick (1675)
30 Mar 11
I think that there are alot of people that will tend to blame other people for all the things that are going wrong in their life.There are alot of people that see other peoples lives that are great and can not see why their life is great as well.I know a few people that tend to cause trouble and then deny that it was them that started the trouble as well as the deny that they know anything about any trouble that has been started as they have not heard anything.
@palonghorn (5479)
• United States
29 Mar 11
Unless, which isn't so in most cases, the person was directly involved in making things go wrong, then no. The only one you can blame when things don't turn out the way you think they should is yourself. If I decide to take someones advice, then it was my choice, they didn't make me take it. So, if things go wrong or don't turn out well, then it's my fault. I really don't understand people that have to find someone else to blame for their mistakes or things going wrong.
• Philippines
26 Mar 11
The fact that they have agreed with you beforehand just means that they didn't see the wrong thing coming and thought that you're suggestions will just be okay. Blaming other people for what had happened is just peoples' defense mechanism. This is for them not to blame themselves for being a part of the group who had made the wrong decision. I also think that this is the time that your group should support each other and not blame whomever.