Transfer Fund from PayPal to Alertpay is Possible?

March 29, 2011 8:15pm CST
How You Guys Doing? Hopefully doing great.Okay then i am gonna start a discussion about a very confusing issue and that is "Transferring PayPal Fund to Alertpay or Alertpay'Fund to PayPal" I remember some people saying we can use some money exchangers to do so but if you are going to do it, do it at your own risk as all the exchangers are not trusted.And some guys said about withdrawing the fund via a bank account and then transfer it to your favorite Online account like PayPal or Alertpay etc.But what if someone without having a bank account or credit or debit card, wanted to transfer a fund of one payment processor to another? I am expecting a real response from all of you guys what ever you know how much you know just share it and let the rest of the new comers including me, take some advantage from your research and experience.
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• Australia
30 Mar 11
No, I heard U couldn't do it directly. But U can find a agent on eBay. They'll help U U transfer money from ur paypal to Agent's paypal, and he or she will transfer the money from his or her Alertpay
• Pakistan
31 Mar 11
Aloevera thank you for sharing your experience but i think if we make a deal with any eBay' agent is that going to be trustted i mean that agent would surely trade with Alertpay balance?and if they do,agent gonna charge for doing so?
@mlla24 (841)
• Mexico
30 Mar 11
• Pakistan
1 Apr 11
Hey mlla24 i have checked but they don't are not offering transfer from PayPal to Alertpay.What if i want to transfer my PayPal balance to My Alertpay account.Is there any related exchanger do you know about?