Are you technology Savvy?

United States
April 1, 2011 10:59am CST
I'm not at all very good with technology. A lot of the new things that come out I'm usually the last to be aware of and know about. I don't even have a smartphone which almost everyone does. So I guess eventually I will have one when they are a lot cheaper. I also don't know much about afiliate marketing, starting your own website and how to traffic to your site that stuff is really confusing to me.
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@LeeHolt (436)
1 Apr 11
Yes I am :) I'm an IT techie! If you have any questions about anything no matter how stupid they seem just post them here on myLot, I'm sure somewill will be able to help you :)
• United Kingdom
2 Apr 11
Yes, I love technology and I love computers and I just love gadgets! I have an ipod touch and I'm on my way to purchasing an apple ipad in the not too distant future. I think if you are looking into website design and creation then you should have a look at some youtube videos! You can virtually find any youtube video on any subject and some of them are very good. I'm into computer maintenance and I like to check out some the computer maintenance videos on a regular basis. When you have an interest in technology and you enjoy purchasing gadgets this can definitely be an expensive activity. I also tend to wait for a bit until a new product on the market comes down in price and only then will I try to make a purchase. Well, good luck with your plans. Andrew
@skydancer (2020)
• United States
2 Apr 11
Yes, I have always been technology savvy, or "mechanically inclined" as I have also heard it called. My baby book states that I taught myself how to use a tape recorder when I was only two years old, and already had my first taste of computers by twelve months (and I was born in the '80's). I can always naturally "feel out" an electronic device such as a computer and its software, or a stereo system, or even a cell phone... pretty much anything... without having to read the instruction manual. I am not sure how it just comes to me; it just does. I believe part of it is being the daughter of an engineer. My dad is both a mechanical engineer and an engineer of computer software, and I grew up pretty much surrounded by his engineer friends much of the time, either observing them on the computer or working on his Lotus in the garage. He would show me little things from the time I was very small. I do not know where the rest of the ability comes from, however.
@anklesmash (1414)
1 Apr 11
I am quite good with technology but this is because i have had the advantage of using modern electronic technology from a very young age. however i understand how it can be complicated for people especially older people.
@xannex (254)
• Philippines
1 Apr 11
When it comes to electronic gadgets, I think I'm above average when it comes to knowing the latest stuffs. I dont know anything alo aboit that afiliate marketing, I'm not so much into internet stuffs.
@puccagirl (7312)
• Israel
1 Apr 11
I didn't use to be, but it was mostly because I wasn't interested in all that stuff. But once I became more interested in these things, I became more savvy about it as well. So I think it is all about how interested in it you are.
@SomeCowgirl (32257)
• United States
1 Apr 11
I am not the best at technology either. I do have a smartphone but I am still tyring to figure some things out on it. I used to be a lot more savvy at technology but now I don't really care to be too involved. As long as I have my phone, my facebook and my mylot I am a happy camper.