Poonam Pandey suggests Paris for her 'strip show,

April 3, 2011 4:05am CST
Hi Friends, May be you know that model Poonam Pandey, who has threatened to do a full Monty for the Indian cricket team if the men in blue win, will be finally going ahead with her decision if BCCI gives her a go ahead for her strip show in Paris. Earlier she switched off her cellphone on Saturday when India won the World Cup because she was being inundated with calls from people either begging her to strip for them or threatening her with dire consequences should she dare go against Indian culture. I think she made this statement just for publicity and now trying to run away. For me it's World Cup win that matters, do not care about all these things. What do you think?
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• India
3 Apr 11
I can't say about it. But it is done more for publicity than to inspire or something like that. There were much chances for India to win this cup as Australia is no more a champion and the venue is India. I don't know why she told like this being an Indian. Many says many things but they are affordable. She said something which is against our culture and tradition. We are not like the foreigners. She either may do it abroad to earn millions or swallow her words. I don't know why she is asking permissions from the BCCI. There are many things which happens where you won't find any logic behind it. So better to forget this matter and celebrate. Let CHEERS. We are WORLD CHAMPIONS now.
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• India
16 Aug 11
It was just to gain some footage in media ... she was trying to gain some publicity and may be she was successful in that. Thanks for sharing.
• India
17 Aug 11
Yes, she got some publicity. She knew she won't have to strip herself for the team because this is INDIA, not America or Europe. This is a conservative and religious country. So to get some publicity these small drama will do. She was clever and aware of it. It really happened. She neither had to strip herself nor some other losses. But publicity came because this is INDIA where news run before air.