Almost every beginning is hard. Do you agree with this saying?

April 4, 2011 2:52pm CST
All of us have to start something new in evry or most stages in our lives and most people say that every beginning is quite hard.When I started pounding walls looking for a job in Thailand,I could agree in that saying perfectly well.I could relate how hard it is to start a new in a country where you don't know the location and most the language.It was even harder to try to find a job for sure without knowing where to go to?But as time passes by, things turned out to be a bit easier to handle.Little by little I started to get familiar with the places,learn some of the basics in their language and finally got a job,did well in due time and finally achieved to live well after some period of time.All it takes is just patience and determination.Yes,beginnings usually is hard but it surely will pass by.Do you have some stories that could relate to this saying?Do feel free to share friends and thanks.
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• Philippines
4 Apr 11
I can probably relate to this one. I am a newly Registered Nurse. I don't know what path will I choose. I don't know what the future brings but All I wanted is that One day the path that I had chosen will lead me to a brighter future.
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4 Apr 11
I understand how you feel newly registered nurse(smiles). But don't you worry if you work hard and open the difficult door of beginning a new career then it's going to be a brighter future for you in the end.Try to think too of where do you want to use your profession.Wether in your own country or abroad?If you want to go abroad, then be sure to research on what does it takes to let you go abroad.Take courage as you continue on searching your path.
@mythociate (16265)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
14 Apr 11
Yes, I agree; because beginning something new requires that you end something old. Even if it's just 'starting to walk across the room,' it requires that you STOP resting and whatever else you were doing on that side of the room.