I hate Adsense and Chitika

@jamed28 (1909)
April 5, 2011 2:47pm CST
Well you know why! They suspend my account! I guess it is normal for these sites to suspend members and they never care if they lost a member, since they have lots of members out there. Now if you are thinking I violated their policies (well of course it's the only reason), to my knowledge, I did not violate anything. I first use Adsense and it is the only ads in my blog. On the first month of using Adsense I only have 10 to 30 visitors a day. So, eager to earn more, I put my site links to as many pages as possible. But I never put them on PTC sites or any similar sites (since I never pay anything to promote my site) nor I put them in mature sites. It just so happened that I put my blog links to a site that is so popular and it pushes 3,000 to 6,000 visitors to my blog. My blog and that site have a similar content so in my knowledge as I read again the Adsense policy, I never violated anything. I never pay for those traffic and those traffic are not forced traffic. They visit my blog because they saw its URL. With this amount of traffic my blog was getting daily, my earning at Adsense went from $0.01 a day to $2-$5 a day. But the bad news came when I reached $100 (minimum cashout). I got a message from Adsense telling me my account is suspended for many reasons like my blog uses a paid traffic, my blog contents are not original (well it is about movies so some facts like movie title, cast, storyline cannot be change)and I am manipulating clicks. I never did any of their accusations. Why would I manipulate clicks, wherein it is very much known in the ONLINE COMMUNITY like this that clicking those ads intentionally is a MORTAL SIN! Well, I will click them if I am wasting my time, but I am not. I want to earn. I tried sending them an appeal (which they allow) and explain everything but they never restore my account. Now that I was suspended in Adsense, I used my Chitika account (I had a Chitika account that I used in Bukisa). I was earning $0.01 daily in Chitika and when I used it in my blog, it rises to $2-3 a day. In 5 days I already reached $10, the minimum cashout balance of Chitika for PayPal. But then, I need to wait for the end of the month before Chitika send my earning to my PayPal. But 2 days before the end of March, my links from the site that gives me 6,000 visitors a day were removed by the site due to some sites policies. And now that my huge traffic is gone, Chitika started to doubt that I may be paying for those traffic. So once again I got suspended when I was about to get paid. I worked hard maintaining my blog. I sleep 2-3am in the morning daily (right now it is 2:40am) and this is what I got. Is it against their policies to put links in other sites? I was just trying to improve my blog's Page Rank (placing backlinks improves PR). And when you placed a backlinks that gives you 6,000 visitors a day, you'll got suspended..... So beware of putting backlinks..... You might get 6,000 from them and you might get suspended if you have Adsense and Chitika. They never care how hard publisher works for them. They always think publishers will cheat on them. They call themselves LEADERS in the ONLINE COMMUNITY, but their system of detecting cheaters is pre-historic. Shame on those leech feeding on small people just to earn millions. Good day everybody. Hope you reached this part reading this.
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• United States
5 Apr 11
I think that some of the TERMS are unfair. I think that if they delete your account than they should have absolute proof of cheating before they do it.
@shaace (105)
• Singapore
6 Apr 11
Hi jamed28, I am really sorry to hear that.
• India
6 Apr 11
Yes I am not too pleased with what you have written.I regret when payment time comes most of these portals look for all possible grounds for rejection.Needless to say because of their unethical behavior people strt having a very low opinion of their working style and their lack of values.