is it wrong to pirate video games?

United States
April 6, 2011 4:56pm CST
Someone named geohot hacked the ps3. He has gone through a legal suit with sony. He said that he only hacked it to have homebrews. But seriously everyone that hacks their ps3 wont pirate games? I dont think so, so this guy geohot went out of country to south america somewhere. what do you think?
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• United States
16 Apr 11
My PlayStation 3 Broke awhile ago, Never Pirated the thing if your wondering. What I think is wrong is to charge 500 for a console and then have it break 2 months later and then want another 120 dollars to try to fix it plus shipping and handling. Ever hear of mIRC, Its a chat program you can download. Theirs a channel aka Chat-Room on there where people pirate there games all day long. The downside is you cant play multi-player, Which makes these games fun so whats the point? Your better off to pay 8-9 dollars a month and rent unlimited PlayStation 3 Games, They let you keep them for as long as you like and then when your done you send them back and get another 2 titles just like NetFlix, But for Video Games. I don't think its wrong to pirate video games, I have not done it, heck I don't even play video games anymore. If you don't pay multiplayer, Then I wouldn't worry if you plan on doing this, It is illegal. I don't know if your too young, but all of this started when Blizzard (Greedy Blokes) started taking people to trial and would ban hacked accounts, By the way Blizzard is the company behind World of Warcraft. Bunch of Geeks, Probably dating their Characters they created in the game.
23 Jun 11
I do think that pirating games is bad, but really how bad is it? Is it any worse than companies charging 60$ for a game that they have long since covered their overhead? I understand the need to make a profit but just how much money do they need? If they were more reasonable about the price of games up front, pirating wouldn't be as large of an issue. I do buy retail copies but almost never at full price. I almost always wait until it is offered used somewhere. Maybe one day they will give a hoot about the consumer, and people will be more respectful to their policies. I doubt it though.
• Calgary, Alberta
8 Apr 11
Yes its wrong but if you cant afford them, Piracy is like your only way.... I do admit i did pirate soem games during the PS1 and PS2 era, I mean its free and I was like a highschool student then. Now I buy original games for my x-box 360 and ps3 because I wont be able to play online if I bought a pirated copy or I just torrented it. if you are not from USA,Canada, Japan,Uk,Australia and other top tier countries, piratign games will be safe since it wont send you to jail but if you are from a top tier country, dont do it.