If we are in prison,can we feel our own freedom?

April 8, 2011 10:38am CST
The shawshank redemption is really fantastic.Andy's persevering impressed me a lot.Maybe the part impressed me most is when he got out of the prison,he extended his arm in front of him as if he was welcoming the fresh air and the freedom.However,Ithink our society is another kind of prison.Can we find out our own freedom?
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• United States
8 Apr 11
I absolutely enjoy this film and I can see it a hundred times and still feel like it was the first time. I see what you are saying that somehow we although free and not in prison we do not take time out to enjoy life for what it is. No matter how many issues we have in life we should appreciate the fact that we are alive and free to come and go in life.
8 Apr 11
Maybe you are right.I should appreciate things that I can enjoy.What i wanted to say is just we can't be free all the time.Thank you.
• China
24 May 12
yes, we can't be free all the time