believe it or not

@mansha (6298)
April 12, 2011 4:40am CST
nothing has worked for me at least to be honest except mylot in terms of making money, no PTP, PTC except Tesas emails of course that also paid only few cents not much , after long searching and trying out a few sites I always come back defeated to mylot. I wonder if anyone else can surely say that they get to pay their bills through other sites. Or are we going around in circles just signing up and coaxing others to sign up under us...
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@hatimyal (1516)
• India
12 Apr 11
To tell you the truth I make around 200$ per month and without even asking 1 member to sign up under me. I do it all by myself and i dont need referrals for that. though i put up referral banners but I earn almost 0 from my referrals. If you need help let me know. I will help you out. Though i cant guarantee you will also make 200$ per month but i can help you make a little better than what you are making now. hopefully. Regards
• Malaysia
12 Apr 11
how do you do so? Earning around $200 per month is a very good result! Do you mind adding you friend and telling me how you do so to earn? Does your method involve investing money into it? Really feel interested to hear it from you! :)
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@taugoCOM (40)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
13 Apr 11
mylot is how I hear very good money earning website
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@yallit (3677)
• Philippines
12 Apr 11
Most of the sites that earn me more money online do not require referrals, so, I'm not drastic in getting referrals just to earn more. I just go for the usual route of promoting my blog and from there people join me because I can show proof of payments. I am not also biased when I inform others about the sites I'm with. If there's an issue with the site (ie: late payments or high cashout fees), I let people know about it.
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