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Catoosa, Oklahoma
April 13, 2011 10:25pm CST
What is your favorite music genre and why? I consider myself to be a well rounded person. I like most music. I mainly listen to rap, r&b, and top 40. At work, I usually listen to classic rock. I also like alternative and some heavy metal. I would have to say that country is my least favorite genre.
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@sashakiddo (1102)
• United States
25 Apr 11
I like so many genres. I like jazz, classic rock, alternative rock, grunge, new age, hip-hop, even some classical. Country is also my least favorite. I think it is a shame to call it music, honestly. It is more like a state of mind which is not musical - cowboy hats, boots, and a heavy accent that tells stories about love and how things use to be.
• Germany
15 Apr 11
At the moment I hear Dubstep and Drum and Bass. I started listing these genres when I realized that all these House tracks sounds the same. So I started to find a new electro/digital genre and found DnB after reading a bit about it I found Dubstep and now I'm hearing both. The only other thing I hear is Clint Mansell. He's a composer and makes music for many movies like Black Swan and The Fountain! All of his songs are just impressive and he's flexible so you can find songs which are sad, happy, funny, epic or whatever. Give it a try I bet you fall in love with one of his songs ;)
• Philippines
14 Apr 11
I love all kind of music because I'm a music minded person but the one thing that empress my heart is about love music. If I hear a song like that heart beat so fast.Genre is nothing cause to me because the expression of emotions is important.
• Argentina
14 Apr 11
I like many types of music, but mostly brit rock and classic rock. Anyway, I'm always changing my favorite songs, doesn't matter the genre, is all about what I'm feeling at that time, or what I have in my head, if I'm in love or not (I'm always in love, though), there are many things that influence me when it comes to the music.