Bad News-About Karoshi

April 14, 2011 8:24am CST
Today, a look at the netnews to see:a PWC employee,a young girl,just 25 years old,was died of karoshi.It is really a bad news.A young life has gone. On the girl's microblog,said something about her working state and the mood everytime.For example,"feeling so tird","want to sleep","have a fever","overtime in the company","so hungry"...People began to pay a attention about the white-collar who work under high working pressure. In today's world,most people are increasingly aware of the importance of keep health,however,the pressure of life never seemed to let up for a single goddam day.Many people don't know how to escape the pressure for modern life. I want to say ,the body is the capital of is the fundamentality of our body.Have a good rest though the busy work.
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@marguicha (210698)
• Chile
14 Apr 11
I read about karoshi at the web to learn what it was. It seems that even the word is japanese, the illness can be found in every developed country. I remember that over a century ago, there was a french word called surmenage (overwork). I´m so unhappy that modern world has made machines not to help people but to enslave them. The pressure of life has to do with keeping up with having money to buy the latest gadgets and not having time to stop to think why is it that we are alive and what makes life important.