What do you think about American education system?

April 15, 2011 3:28am CST
I like american education system. It emphasizes greatly on improving students' analysing skill, which is really very useful in life. I really wish Thai education system, which my school is using, will start to emphasize more on children analysing skill like the US system. What do you guys think about it? Do you like american education system?
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@tohess (8)
• United States
21 Apr 11
The American education system is not all what it seems like. First as the other poster said, test scores are low. Have you been through the educational system in the U.S.? if you have then you should know what it is like. It looks good on paper but just isn't what it once was. I had never known a school to place metal detectors in the front doors nor had I seen any violence until I graduated. My youngest brother went to a mid-west prep school and the year he graduated there had been a football (American version) player that got so mad at a teacher, that the student put him in a headlock and rammed him into a door. Don't get me wrong. That doesn't happen all the time but I'm glad I went when I did and yes there are a lot of good students but like the President said "There is no reason why we can't do better."
21 Apr 11
Thank you for your response. I want to have many views about American education system. I'm making my decision whether to go to further my studies in the US.
@NYNY911 (63)
• United States
15 Apr 11
our educational system is good but it can be much better. our scores in english and math are not as high as it should be. as president obama said- there is no reason why 100% of our boys and girls cannnot graduate high school. all americans should have a least a high school diploma. take care.
16 Apr 11
Thank you for your reply :D
@alutka (211)
21 May 12
no matter what the system is not quite responsible for any failure of scientific mlodziezy.Jesliktos wants to learn, you do it no matter wszystko.A system is quite good, you can hone your hobby, the teachers try to help troubled youth, but August also are directed bujki and adventure, as indeed everywhere.