is there anyone earning from translator job?

April 17, 2011 1:56pm CST
Maybe some of us did noticed some ads to earn by becoming translator.I did a little research about it. they will ask us to pay to become their member. i think its about $35++ Its says that you could earn up to $300 daily, based on many task u completed and how many assignments available. thru my findings there is no review that says its a scam. i simply add scam on the back of the sites list.. But i still feel sceptical to purchase the membership and maybe directed to pages that will ask for money. Can i get some real user review about earning as Translator? Is it worth it buying the membership package? I really dont mind buying membership from PTC sites because they never redirect me to a page that asking for more money...
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@owlwings (43972)
• Cambridge, England
17 Apr 11
NEVER pay for someone to give you a job. If a job is worth doing, then you should expect them to pay you (and to take a reasonable commission, of course).
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@Downwindz (2537)
• Netherlands
17 Apr 11
I cannot agree more with you on that one :)
@o0jopak0o (6394)
• Philippines
19 Apr 11
if the ask for some payment then it is likely a scam.
• Philippines
18 Apr 11
What I hate most is when they ask me to pay something so I can earn from the kind of job they are offering.It's ridiculous, cause the very reason why I explore for site where I can earn money is because simple...I need money! Just imagine if they can fool about 100 people online and convince them to pay them $ much would that be in one month.It's a lot of money from fooling people and making false promises. I think it just makes me angry when they offer me this cause I feel they think I am that stupid.
@LaDeBoheme (2005)
• United States
18 Apr 11
Just a thought, but interpreters make good money in the real world.
@p3ks626 (6538)
• Philippines
18 Apr 11
If a certain site is asking for certain amount of money for membership or let's say they ask people to pay amount to be hired for a job, then definitely its a scam. Cause legit companies will not ask you to pay them for working for them but it should be them paying you for working for them.
• Botswana
18 Apr 11
As a translator, I can see it is obviously a scam. If u are not a professional translator, $300 per day is fantastic talk. Do not trust that offer online.
17 Apr 11
I don't think it is worth buying any package, there are sites available where you can sign up as a translator without having to pay or buy membership. The most common sites are teaching sites, you can earn a lot from these if you feel you are able to teach your language to foreign students online.