She is getting tired already...

Saint Lucia
April 17, 2011 2:03pm CST
I am here with my baby and hope to be around when she gives birth to her babies.Shes so huge and i feel sorry for her.She looks so sad and lonely.I help her by rubbing her huge tummy feeling the kittens and is so happy.I know its not easy but i will do my best to get her through. She lays around more and seems so tired.As much as i am happy about having kittens i want the old twinkle back.So i have decided to take to the vet as soon as she gives birth.No more babies for my girl. She is getting tired and i think she is as anxious as i am to give birth.
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@QeeGood (1213)
• Sweden
17 Apr 11
I female cat had kitten twice. She gave birth to four each time. When she was in labor, she wanted to be their with her. I had a towel and rubbed the new born kittens. I weighed them once a week to make sure they grew well. My female cat was a good mother for her kittens. She raised them well until they were 10 weeks. at that tmie I found new homes fro her kittens. My female cat is now 10 years old. She is a vital lady.
• Saint Lucia
17 Apr 11
I guess you being there makes her feel special more and gives her courage.I just cant seem to grasp the part where im suppose to find them new homes.I just hope i can keep them all.Hopefully she will have 2-4 kittens.