what can i do !!

April 20, 2011 10:52am CST
I did not feel that I fall in love, seriously Or you could say I did not find the courage to frank with one of my love Because I am always afraid of the reaction .... I do not have the foundation of courage to deal with a girl simply Always what am I going formal and without any expressions or simply I want to solve, because I feel that I will not find any girl I feel that I love her and I can tell her what I feel
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21 Apr 11
NO GUTS, NO GLORY! You have to take a risk. Find the girl that is most suitable to you, and tell her your feeling. MirageOFhope fight fight! :D
• Philippines
20 Apr 11
For guys, it takes a lot of courage and risk to ask a girl they really like. And you should always take the risk on doing so because who know, you may have a shot on the girl, better try than not do anything. If you are rejected, at least you tried and you won't end up thinking what if I did this and did that.