The Toughest i ever wrote...

April 20, 2011 9:39pm CST
My Semester exams on 18th of this month , i have studied a level hard for the exam , it was Network protocols , i haven't took the sleep more than 4 hours . When i revised and read 4 units out of 5 units , i got a confidence that i can write the exams well , even i revised the 5th unit in the college , but when i reached the exam hall , i felt all my preparations were in vain , it was the toughest exam i ever met up with . All the questions i have studied were asked but in a very odd manner that a question with 50 pages was asked in 8 marks , instead of being asked in 16 marks . Had you ever met up with a tough exam in your life ?
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@dorannmwin (36651)
• United States
23 Apr 11
Exams were the one thing that I hated the most about the years that I spent in college. It seemed like with most of the classes that I took, no matter how much I studied for the exams I never really felt like I was prepared for them. With that said, I would walk out after an exam was over and think sure that I had not passed. However, when I got the results that never was the case, I would stress myself out over nothing.
21 Apr 11
I know that you were really well-prepared. But you know, taking a rest is important if you want your brain to be clear. Have a good rest next time, and your brain will searve you well! :D
• Philippines
21 Apr 11
oh yes! we've always had very tough exams especially in organic chemistry. Even though we would study day and night for it, when we take the exams, it is as if we have not studied at all. :) There are even exams that would just make you want to cry. :) However, the important thing is that you learn. :) and of course, be able to pass your subject.