clicked 19 ads in tenadsplus!!

April 20, 2011 10:59pm CST
hello myLotters. i've been a member of tenadsplus since a month, i think. did not really notice when i've joined the site. anyways, i just clicked an awful lot of advertisements in the site, and it makes me a little uncomfortable if it's really a legit one. based on the review by, the site is legit, but i wonder how they manage to sustain the site given that they offer this huge amount of advertisements, with each worth $0.01. i know they referral system is kind of a low earner, at 10 percent (15 for upgrade, i think)., but still, 19 ads? this, i think, is my all-time high as a standard from all sites offering $0.01 for each ad clicked as a free member. and my second best is again from the same site, which is 16 clicked ads in a single day. how one would wish they did offer 50 percent for each referral click. then again, the site would eventually turn into scam in a matter of weeks, or even days..anyways, it's quite a good site for earning with your clicks alone..
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21 Apr 11
I have never tried that before. Thank you for your information.