Heard about this?

@aprilten (1966)
April 21, 2011 8:33am CST
Please give me feedback on this site, http://www.realtranslatorjobs.com Before you can get the job you need to pay $60+, looks to me like a scam. Please give feedback, especially those who has been victimized by this, if this is a scam.
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• Philippines
23 Jun 11
well, after seeing that it is very similar to another work from home site, isn't it kinda fishy that you have to pay $68 first before you get a true job? why not maybe after giving you a job, they'll just get a commission from it,or whatever u call it, so it would be fair for both parties. I think, don't buy for this one.
@iklananda (1202)
3 Jun 11
Wew that must be a scam. We should not pay for online working right coz it will be a scam.
@firemom31 (598)
• United States
21 Apr 11
I have never been victim to one of these, nor will I ever be. If any job requires you to pay money, it is most definately a scam. Think about it like a job in the real world. If you went on a job interview and the boss told you that you were hired, then asked for $60 in return for being hired, would you not walk out of there laughing at the absurdity? It works the same online - if they ask for money, run the other way.