How to learn biology?

April 22, 2011 7:53am CST
Greetings users of mylot! I am a student and I find it I'm starting having difficulties to memorize something now. Last month, I had a biology test and yesterday I figure out that my biology score is the lowest among all the subjects. Do you guys have some suggestion, on how to learn biology efficiently? Thanks
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@dream_ozn (1754)
• Singapore
24 Apr 11
Biology is definitely one difficult subject to study. I think apart from memorising, there is nothing much we can do. I advise you not to study last minute because cramping so much information into our brain at the last minute will not allow us to learn anything. Rather, spread out your studying session and read the text, highlighting them, making notes and drawing diagrams. all these i believe would help you in studying biology!
• Indonesia
24 Apr 11
Thanks for your advice, I'm going to try it and I'm sure that it will be useful
• United States
15 Nov 11
Hello! I recently finished my college studies and I must say biology was one of those subjects that really took a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. Biology is definitely a lot memorizing and things usually link to each other one way or another so it will be easier if you actually understand and know biology rather than cramming all the information for the sake of passing the exams. Like other people have said, dedicate time out to read the textbook and related materials. Don't cram the night before. You might end up reading the same thing over and over again trying to understand or memorize it but at least you tried. Don't fall behind because you will only end up more confused than ever as the class progresses on. Make sure you understand the very basic terms and concepts, I think, is the very first step in understanding and learning biology. Learn and remember the basic like how you know the alphabets. The harder stuff will always related back to the very beginning in biology. Making good notes I think helps a lot. It's impossible to memorize everything so writing down key points with key information is important. Take brief notes in class especially when the professor gives examples because those examples usually are easier to relate biology with and help you in memorizing certain things. Don't focus on taking long, super detailed notes in class because I think you will be missing out other information while you are busy writing. If the professor allow, record the lecture and you can listen later when you feel like you missed something or zoned out for a minute or two in class :)
@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
4 May 11
hi, biology is my favorite subject when i was in high school but memorizing all of them are hard,so its better to understand it,you know what the real hard in biology,that are those spelling of names and other living things,but still its a nice subject.
@blacks94 (161)
• Italy
24 Apr 11
If you have a teacher like mine - one that demands very much from students - the only way to get good marks is to study a little bit everyday. Don't try to learn everything by heart the day before the test, because it's impossible. Also, use some trick to keep things in your mind - sounds, word games, similarities between different terms, so that if you remember the first one, the others will come out naturally. If you study latin, it can be of great help: many terms in biology come from latin, so you could match each term with its meaning. My last advice - but this works with me - use a lot of pictures. If your book has little or no pictures and drawings, have a look on the web and download the useful ones before you start studying. For me, there's nothing like a good drawing to learn terms and understand how the different mechanisms of life work. Good luck and happy studies! :)
@brijav (12)
• Philippines
15 Jun 11
Biology is my BS course and it contains a lot of memorization and I case of me, I also encountered problem in mathematics. I am slow learner and to overcome this, I used different method called memory method. I learned it during my high school days. I read a book The Memory Book that contained different techniques in memorization such as loci system and number system. For example, if you memorize the parts of cell such as cell wall, cytoplasm, chromosome, memorized it like this: Imagine that the wall of your school is made of cell wall, and the your juice for snack came from the cytoplasm of the wall and imagine all the tables in your room is made of chromosome. That is, the more strange your imagination, the harder you forger it. Hope it will help you.