new Info on a ptc site like hits4pay

United States
April 22, 2011 2:00pm CST
There was a site that was created by the same creators of hits4pay. I had stopped checking the emails on them along time ago b/c I never saw anymore. How about the after confirming my email address just 3 days ago, I have started receiving tons of emails. I received a total of 12 emails yesterday and when I just signed in today. i already have 9. So they are great. And as we all know hits4pay are one of the best sites. Has anyone else had success with multiple stream (creators of hits4pay) sites.
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@greenline (14838)
• Canada
22 Apr 11
I had joine hits4pay some months ago, but I had not been very active with the program. This new site you are talking about sounds quite interesting too. But, one thing that keeps me away from participating is the fact that they all take a very long time to get to payout amounts.
• United States
22 Apr 11
yeah they take awhile but you do get $5 bonus when you sign up and you are actually getting quite a few emails daily. All you have to do is work to get referrals. I have been paid 2 times with hits4pay and am $8 away from the next payout. I have over 60 referrals on hits4pay. So it is time for me to work on this one now. But it is great. I do have a youtube video talking about how to make money with hits4pay under llwilkins
• Montreal, Quebec
18 Sep 11
I signed up for Hits4pay last June and i wasn't getting anywhere with making money, so i stopped, last week i decided i would log back in to see if have anything, i got 58 emails to read! it was insane! so yeah, i started Hits4pay again! i learned a few days ago how the referrals work, but i don't have any so far i have $12:06 in my account! :) can't wait to reach payout
• United States
22 Apr 11
I signed up for hits4pay two days ago and received at least 8 E-mails. I haven't checked out any other features. What's the best thing about hits4pay?
@sisco100 (2338)
• United States
22 Apr 11
wow really. i had the same issue with that site. it said that their emails were bouncing back to them. so i guess that I'll resubmit my email again and maybe i too can start get emails form them again. thanks for the post. I'm at 15.95 so i hope that i get some emails so that i can make it to the cash-out.
@DoctorDidi (7018)
• India
20 Nov 11
I have recently joined hits4pay. But I have no idea whether or not hits4pay have other sites also. So would you kindly name the other creations of hits4pay?