Need suggestions on iPod applications

April 22, 2011 2:06pm CST
My brother bought me a 4th gen iPod touch for my birthday which he'll be bringing home next month. He's asking me what applications I'd like him to download there and I have no idea! I'd appreciate it if you guys could give me suggestions about the most useful or coolest iPod apps you use. Thanks in advance! :)
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@eyeabs30 (48)
• Philippines
15 Aug 11
Ipod 4g has a camera right? if you like photography I suggest get the instagram and follow me & I will follow you back :)
@Guit08 (597)
• United States
19 Jul 11
SoundHound is pretty cool, you can use it to recognize any song that you hear (for example, on the radio, out in public, wherever) it's free too!! The Weather Channel is great for checking the weather!! AppShopper is great for getting amazing deals on apps that normally cost a dollar or few. Tiny Wings, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, and All-in-one logic box are all great games!
@sourcern (96)
• Norway
24 May 11
Hey! Congratulations with a new iPod touch. Hope you enjoy it! I have had an iPod touch for about two years and I have gotten a few app tips throught the time. Here is some games, most of them cost money (about 0.99$). Jellycar 3 iStunt 2 Amateur Surgeon 2 Parking Mania Tiny Wings Dark Nebula 1 or 2 Doodle Jump Fragger I Dig It Monopoly Need for Speed: Undercover Angry Birds Asphalt 6 Jet Car Stunts Call of Duty - World at War: Zombies Soltaire Cover Orange Westbang The Sims 3 MX Mayhem Kamikaze Race Chop Chop: caveman, soccer or tennis Cut the Rope Bloons Tower Defense 4 Some apps, most of them are free Download Lite Voice Plus AppIncubator Backgrounds FreeAppADay (FAAD) Skype Doodle Buddy SoundHound TextMe Voddler Sleep Talk Recorder AppZilla Shazam LaDiDa Guitar Tabs Thats all ive got. Hope you find something you like! If this was helpful, please mark as best response!
@Qawzerty (34)
• Belgium
10 May 11
I have the old second gen iPod touch and these are a few of my apps. If you are on Facebook or Twitter, I advice you to get the apps because checking your stauts on the road can be a plus. eBuddy also has an app that combines the most common IM programs in one app, skype is also a nice app to get. If you neetd information on the road Wikipedia can come in handy. I also have a app from a popular newpaper to dbe up-to-date. And of course a few games for when you are bored and don't have access to a computer of console.
• Canada
8 May 11
Really just depedns on what you like. If you want to play games, etc. It's all on your preference!
@swanny686 (150)
• United States
3 May 11
I would recommend getting the Facebook or twitter apps if you use either or those sites. pandora radio and are great online radio apps that work great. Bejeweled 2 is a nice puzzle game to keep you entertained. Skype is a nice app to have if you use skype at all. You will be able to make video calls from your iPod. I would also recommend browsing for camera apps that allow you to add effects to the pictures you take on your ipod
@shorty08322 (1270)
• United States
24 Apr 11
will they have a lot of apps what do you like to do play games texts it is like what ever you like to do you can do it i like facebook myspace twitter and youtube and texting so if you like them things you will tell him to put that on their youtube is already on their but other things you can do on their if you like to take picd you can do that but if you like to talk and text it is and app for that
@bunnybon7 (47368)
• Holiday, Florida
22 Apr 11
lucky you. ive never even figured out the difference between ipod and ipad? not sure i could use either. is it a phone? or is it like my grandkids got for xmas one year, which you just listen to music on? hope someone can help here