we have to accept the truth that we dont have national language!!!!!

@ritzz07 (791)
April 30, 2011 7:53pm CST
since yesterday i was thinking that hindi is our national language however now i come to know that we dont have any national language.Hindi is written in devnagari script and it is most spoken language in india. In article 343 it is mention that hindi is our first official language and another is english,if u are looking statewise then the local language of the state would be the official language however for central(union)official works hindi would be used as this is easy to understand for everyone. I found that many people dont know or stil thinks or assumes that hindi is our national language.even in some school books it is written that hindi is our national languagehowever this is not the truth,and the truth is we dont have any national language,also i found it written in some banks loke s,b.i. and pnb or u can see in reserve bank that "hindi rashtra ki bindi." my brothers and sisters we have to accept this truth that we dont have any national language and i think why b r ambedkar mention any national language in indian constitution may he was maharashtrian and wanted to note marathi,however no issues. I would like discuss here that is this a right time to decide our national language or still for 50 years we need to waite to take decision?
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@raj_gupta (312)
• India
1 May 11
If selecting a national language causes disruption as has already happened in 70s in south then I really don't mind being without a national language as with due regards to Hindi, I love my countrymen more then the language. Yes, it is true that Hindi is not our national language, and to state it more correctly we don't have any national language, but it has been asked to be promoted to a level where it can be accepted as national language.